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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Get Personal With Custom Greeting Cards

There is nothing quite as personal as receiving custom greeting cards as opposed to the very popular e-card. Although the e-card is easy and a fast way to distribute a greeting, the personal touch of a handmade greeting card just make you feel that more important when you get one.

You may actually make greeting cards yourself for friends and loved ones, I just finished making my engagement invitations with my beautiful bride-to-be, Lauren. We have had so many great comments on how beautiful our invitations and are really glad now that we didn't go down the e-card path or just buy generic off the shelf invitations.

I did get some tips from subscribers to Greeting Card Profits, so thanks for that if you happen to be one. We went to a local craft supply shop and pick out the stock and materials we needed and went from there. We went home and eagerly started making up samples and I got to work in photo shop and I started setting up templates and looking though my collection of fonts.

Anyway the main reason for this post was to tell you about a really cool online photo editing service you can use to do just about everything you would need to do as far as edit and add special effects to images and photos you want to use in your greeting card making.

Its called and you can even create your own custom greeting cards online. Its a better solution if you don't want to spend big dollars on photo editing software like photo shop. Its definitely worth a look.

The site was formerly known as Seattle Film Works, PhotoWorks has a 30-year national heritage of helping photographers share and preserve their memories with innovative and inspiring products and services.

So if you want to get your hands on this powerful set of photo editing tools that enables you to edit, share, and print photos in any Internet browser(IE, Firefox, Safari, Mozilla, etc.) and with any computer platform (PC, Mac, Linux), then I suggest you can go check out how to make your custom greeting cards using this service. You can register for free and they give you 25 free prints when you sign-up. Nice of them.

If you want to check out some of the newer articles and additions to my greeting card website and a photo of my handy work at making an invitation here at my site: :)

Till next time

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Anonymous said...


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billyash said...

Personalized cards may have roots in the 19th century but with the advent of the internet and websites like, there is a new meaning to 'personalized.'
Ayesha Khan is like many other working mothers—pressed for time. With a full-time job, two kids with demanding schedules she has little time to focus on things like holiday greeting cards.
“Every year I try to print cards at home or send out a family shot to relatives and friends we don't see very often. But even that is time consuming and sometimes I wonder if I should just scratch the tradition,” Khan said.
But why cuts ties with family and friends when there is simple solution? Websites like offer great deals and creative ways to keep traditions like this alive. Boasting of hundreds of custom holiday cards designs with options of photos, personalized messages, logos, and personalized envelopes, 123Print is the new wave of keeping in touch.
And they are not limited to just family and friends. Alain Durand, a bank manager in South Florida likes the site for its ease and cost-efficiency. Durand not only utilizes 123Print's greeting card options but also likes the extras it offers like magnets and postcards. It's his way of reaching out to not only his clients but also his employees. “The holidays are a stressful time and I like putting a smile on my staff as well as reminding my customers where to invest that holiday cash,” said Durand. “And for someone who isn’t too fond of computers, this website is a god-send.”
God-send but also a creative outlet; for college students this also serves as a way to show off their artistic flare. Nazish Ahmad, a senior at the University of Florida, like the site for its personalized touch. “You get tired of looking at the same old thing year after year. I can customize my cards with not only pictures but also what I write and who I am writing to. So if it’s my cousin in Philly or my aunt in Miami I know how to jazz it up.”
So if not for the convenience of it all dazzle your friends, family and whoever else is on your Christmas list this year with a little of your imaginative mind at

honeyfrog said...

I agree nothing makes a person feel warm and fuzzy like greeting cards.

You will be surprised to know that you can send a printed greeting card from your computer to the United States from Australia for 62 cents plus stamp. The greeting cards are printed in each county over night and put into the mail, or as they say in Australia, put into the post the very next day. Send Out Cards just started printing greeting cards in Australia a few months ago. You can try the system absolutely free by visiting – You can send a printed holiday greeting card from Australia to America and it will arrive in 3 to 4 business days for 62 cents.

Luis A. Garcia

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Bes said...

Salt & Paper is great site based in the UK doing exactly this. I agree with other bloggers and replies here though, nothing quite like getting a personalised greeting card with your name or picture on it through the post!

Abigail Wren said...

Online cards are better for the environment but they are often very impersonal. offers the personalization of custom without the work of designing it yourself . . . and you don't have to pay for stamps . . . and there's a sale right now for $15 off this month.

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