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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Making Greeting Cards Video Tip

Embossing Greeting Cards

Thought I would share this great little video by Flora Tan. Flora takes use through the process of dry embossing an oriental greeting card. Great work Flora.

If you want to see more of Flora's work you can visit her website at here.

For Card Designers Who Want To Sell Their Greeting Cards

If you have the bug for making greeting cards have you ever thought about selling your works of art? Flora is a talented card maker who has turned her passion and hobby into a business. Imagine being able to do what you love for a living. Well you can if you really want to.

Here is a tip to help you get started...

Start Up Costs

Determining what financial investment you can afford to pay in order to start a new business is usually the most stressful part of the business. But once you know exactly how much money you need for the business and how much money you can afford, you can get started with the business plan.

Remember you can just start out on a part-time basis if you like until you find your feet and your greeting card market.

Analyzing your start-up costs and expenses is simply listing all of the expenses you will have in starting the business in the first month and even the first three month. Not only does it include the cost of the location, but the cost of advertising, utilities, insurance, and inventory.

If you want more information about starting a greeting card business then you can visit my website if you like at:

Anyway that's all for today I hope you found this useful. I would love to get your comments and feedback too.

Talk soon


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