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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Internet Greeting Cards

I have just been searching around looking for some greeting card business ideas and then it hit me... Internet greeting cards. Well I got the idea while doing my regular search of YouTube.

I found this video below that just started my business juices flowing. The video isn't the greatest quality but the concept is fantastic. Just add a bit of your own creative flair and you could produce something fantastic. Check it first.

Can you see the potential here? With video podcasts becoming so big now you can create video greeting cards containing photos, audio, your own graphic designs and combine it all together on your PC using a basic video editing package, I use iMove on my macbook very cool and you can create everything on a mac even a podcast.

Anyway I ramble on... but you get the idea how personal would it be to create a video greeting card like this and send it to a loved one or create a whole range of them and build a website that sells them. This is a great business idea.

Hey I don't for a moment think the real printed greeting card will ever be replaced even in this ever evolving informaton age, there is just something that much more personal about a real card.

Anyway just wanted to share that with you because I really feel Internet greeting cards have a place and the video format could be the online version that takes off.

Please I would love to get your comments on this.

Till next time.


Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Ola! Hello!

I made this greeting card and I am happy you enjoyed it!

Thank you (Obrigada)

Monica - Brazil

Anonymous said...

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Holiday Greeting Cards said...

I prefer real Holiday Greeting Cards to internet cards.

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